Fowl Words

Fowl Words

Fowl Words is a fun and engaging word game for gamers of all ages
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Fowl Words is a fun and engaging word game that features seven charming hens that will challenge you to spell as many words as you can. The game is suitable for all ages, as it is fun, challenging, and educational. It requires quick reflexes and the ability to spell words quickly.

In the screen you will see seven hens, each one carrying a letter. You have to form as many words as you can using these letters before time runs out. The shorter words are made up of three letters, and in all the levels it is possible to form at least one word with seven letters. You are given about 120 seconds to spell the words.

Before starting, you have to choose a set number of words to form during the game. In the first level the options are: nine, thirteen or nineteen words. Each number receives a particular bonus score, for example if you can spell eight words in the first level, you will be awarded a 1000 score, 3000 points for thirteen words and 10000 per nineteen words. If you fail to form the words you have bet, then the game is over.

Fowl Words' graphics are really attractive, as well the music and sound effects along the game. To sum up, Fowl Words is really enjoyable and addictive, you will surely have a good time playing it.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to play
  • Great graphics and sounds
  • Engaging gameplay


  • Free version comes with many restrictions
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